I've been exposed to both hate and love for Instagram, and I'm sure you have to. 

I'm starting to rediscover why the app is in fact so great. 

Lately, I've been posting a lot on my account (follow me here), and what I've discovered is beautiful. The community of photographers passionate about their craft is massive. 

I've found travel and landscape photographers, concert photographers, fashion photographers and portrait photographers who have inspired me like crazy. And of course, there's the badass rock climbing photographers, who continue to crush it. 

All of this points me in just one direction. It motivates me to interact with people more, explore different styles of photography and soak up as much knowledge as I can. 

Steal Like an Artist, as Austin Kleon and Chase Jarvis would say. 

Instagram receives a lot of (undeserved) hate, because it gives people the chance to explore an art with something so simple. 

I've been on the app for ages now, but only now have I truly started tapping into its reserves. 

I plan on continuing for a long, long time. 


What are your thoughts? Do you think I'm way too full of myself?

Let me know in the comments, and share some love/hate with others too. 

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