Spotlight #3 - New York, New Yawk

This week's spotlight is on one of my favourite pictures. 

It was early June of last year, and I was roaming through the streets of New York with a mate of mine. 

It was 6 in the morning. We had just got off the bus from Boston and were killing time before we took the train out to Long Island to get refreshed. 

As per usual, we traversed the High Line. 

The High Line in Chelsea is just one of the billion places in New York that's amazing, and it's easily one of my favourite spots. 

It appeases the side of my personality that loves to walk, and it also shows me so much of the city, which satisfies the adventurous explorer. 

The picture is from my time there.

Shot with an Iphone, the picture makes up for the lack of technical edge with the personal memories I have attached with it. 



What's your favourite spot in New York? What's your favourite city to shoot in, or just explore?

Leave a comment or two below and we can have a chat!