Wild City Record Store Day

It was 6 am. I was in the taxi on my way back from one of the wildest parties I've ever covered.  I knew I had a shoot the next day (today), but the adrenaline kept me going through the night. Bad decision after bad decision, before I eventually got home at 6:30 and crashed on the floor (I didn't have a bed). 

I woke up at noon feeling like absolute shit. I was in that state when you're not sure if you're still drunk or if you're hungover. I was neither considering I hadn't had a drink the night before. My brain was just telling me that I was absolutely destroyed and that I needed sleep. 

Instead, I jumped in the shower to wash off the smells from the night before. A quick brew of coffee, and I was on my way to Shahpur Jat - Sleepy Owl - the location of today's shoot. 

I was shooting Wild City's annual Record Store Day celebration. Record Store Day has been around for a while now, but it was my first experience with it. 

What I got was it's an easy celebration of vinyl culture - appreciating the old with the new - each dj and musician bringing something unique during their short sets. 

I knew it was going to be a very chill shoot; lots of familiar faces around, and I had to just capture people have a good time. Nothing new for me really. 

A close friend of mine happened to be in the area as well, so I brought him along with me. The afternoon turned out to be a very pleasant one; people coming in and out helping themselves to the free beer, coffee and cocktails courtesy of Bira and Sleepy Owl. In between, cigarettes were being lit and passed around outside. We were treated to some wonderful records, old and new music. 

I left the place feeling completely drained of all energy, but still refreshed from an afternoon of discovering new sounds. Check out the pictures below - 

Sub-z Bassmndi 3.0

I was in the taxi on my way to the venue when I looked outside for the first time. It was unrecognizable. 

I was in the middle of nowhere. Broken down houses, burnt trash, unkempt shrubs all over. The cab guy pulls over and I get out. 

I have no idea where the fuck I am, and I'm certain, I'm going to get stabbed and robbed. 

Google maps points to this crack in the wall, through which I enter. Inside is a shady looking hotel/wedding hall. There's a few people in there and some food being cooked on the side. 

After saying my his to everyone, I step further in and set my stuff down. The next hour and a half has me waiting around like everyone else, hoping that sooner or later there's going to be a crowd that turns this place upside down. 

To be fair, once the music kicked in I couldn't think anymore. 

Bass so loud that every bone in your body vibrated. Beers flowing all over the place; behind the stage in the 'VIP' area, there were buckets of ice with beers overflowing onto the floor. On the dance floor, hot rocks from joints were flying around, ash and smoked filled the room as more and more took the term "lit" more and more literally. 

I've worked enough of these gigs at this point to know how to make myself invisible, work my way through the crowd, get the best shots and also deal with the crowd in a cordial manner. Taking pictures is my job, but I'll never do a good one if I'm not enjoying the music, and being completely free while doing it. 

That's what the Bassmndi did really well. Hour after hour flew by until I realized that it was close to 6 in the morning. I hadn't had much to drink, but I had another gig the same day in the afternoon and I had to sleep before that. 

Eventually I stumbled home and slept on the floor (I didn't have a bed), before I made my way to the next gig the next day. 

It was pure, adrenaline filled madness and it's something I will definitely be keen on covering again. 

Check out the pictures below.

(Click on the pictures for a full-size view) 

Boxout Wednesdays 047

Week 47 highlights below - 


Spotlight #22 - Lost

It's almost been a year since I took that incredible trip to Ladakh. 

I remember prior to setting off, having butterflies flutter around like a whirlwind in my tummy. It was my first real road trip in ages, and I hadn't prepared myself nearly as much as I wanted to. 

Eventually once I got on the road, time seemed to fly back, and out of nowhere what was supposed to be a 14 day trip seemed like a weekend. 

This picture was taken sometime into the trip - the day after an 18 hour drive day.

We had spent the night at a tiny little village set in between two extremely nauseating mountains. When we got in, the temperature had dropped perilously close to freezing (it was mid summer, by the way), and the altitude (over 5000m) had started to take it's toll on a couple of us. 

Needless to say, the night turned out to be a restless one - me, with a migraine so painful it felt as if my brain was imploding. 

We were quick to get up and leave the next day, just after sunrise. This picture was taken a kilometer or two outside of the village where after one of the most traumatic nights, the surreal landscape blew us away.