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Boxout Wednesdays 051

It's always the same when Boxout Soundsystem hit the booth. This collective of some of India's best DJs know how to throw a party, and so far everytime they've been at the head of one, the night's been great. 

I really enjoy shooting them because there's a guarantee I'm going to get some great shots. 

Check the highlights out here - 

Boxout Wednesdays 050

Even though week 50 was a good 6 months in the past, I remember it being one of the craziest gigs I ever covered. 

The hype surrounding it was very real, and by this time there were a fair few regulars who helped with the energy levels and crowd chaos. 

Check out the pictures here: 

Boxout Wednesdays 049

As the 50th week of Boxout Wednesdays got closer, the crew at Boxout FM pulled out all the stops. 

There were some frighteningly good gigs around this time, and 49 was no different. Check out the shots below:

Boxout Wednesdays 048

I know I'm miles of my Boxout Wednesdays schedule, but here's the highlights from week 48. 

Weirdly enough, week 48 marked a huge turning point for me. It was my first Wednesday working with my new camera and it led to some phenomenal pictures. It allowed me to experiment with many different features including shooting without flash. 

Week 48 with Rohan Kale was an absolute monster, and is a week that will in my eyes be a turning point in shooting music gigs for me. 

Check out the pictures below - 

Auster Wip Launch Party

Auster e-juice's launch party in Delhi was one of the first big parties I covered after I started with Boxout Wednesdays, and it was really nothing I could have expected. 

The warehouse was ridiculously stacked with stalls sampling out vapes. The art installations varied from experimental to straight up in your face, but the decorations were tasteful. 

For me, it was all about the music though. I had semi-hustled my way into one of the craziest parties I had ever worked. I was there for the bass tearing into every fibre of my body; the light show so trippy it would trick you into thinking you were on DMT; and the chance of capturing some of the greatest pictures I could possibly imagine. 

To my large sequences of the night were simply a blur. Obviously, the booze was flowing, but almost always when I'm working, I stay off the alcohol until the very end of the night when I've done my job. Despite having access to almost unlimited supplies of alcohol, I didn't need any. It was the environment, the people the music and the dance floor that was so ridiculously adrenaline pumping, I couldn't wrap my head around it. 

In my mind, despite being the new kid on the block with a shitty camera and a semi-complete vision, I had achieved something I had dreamed about. 

In hindsight, I can say that the party was a great opportunity that subsequently led to numerous more gigs of a similar nature, but in the moment all I could think about was the colours, the frame and the light (or lack thereof). Eventually, I got some shots I was insanely pleased with; you can check them out below.