Why no watermarks?

I've already had tons of people pointing out that my pictures don't have a watermark. 

There's a reason for this. 

It's simple.

Watermarks butcher pictures.

It doesn't matter how small the text is or how funky the logo is, when I see a watermark on a picture, my immediate, instinctive reaction is that the photographer is more worried about the image itself than the emotion captured within it. 

I understand that in this day and age, misuse of copyrighted property is huge.

There's an element of risk to not add my own watermark to my pictures. But I prefer the pictures being raw and unadulterated. 

Obviously, every single one of the pictures on this website is copyrighted and is my property. And I do feel the need to mention that.

But I cannot control other people's actions. I can only focus on myself. 

And I'm going to make sure that none of my pictures ever has a watermark.