Building momentum

When I started off in photography, I had a somewhat blurry idea of what within the field I wanted to pursue. 

I always knew where my major interests lay, but at the same time the more practical side of my personality kept telling me to also look at the stuff that could be potentially lucrative. 

Eventually, I started where any photographer starts - at the bottom, doing anything and everything to add to my portfolio. 

I viewed every assignment as a means to an end. Everything I got was a way for me to learn more about my style, my camera, and establishing a rapport with my clients. 

I have so far worked with clients I've wanted to work with. I didn't have to 'serve the man' so to speak, and do work I would hate, which is something I've gotten lucky with. 

My very first gig was a stroke of luck, combined with the fact that it was something I was genuinely interested in. The more I worked with these guys in different situations, the more I had to explore my instrument and experiment, while still show on the outside that I knew what I was doing. 

My most recent ongoing gig has really led to a spike in my growth curve. I've been working in an environment that's so high pressure due to the nature of the gig that my focus has to be spot on. Between the music playing loudly, the drunken crowd, and the dim lighting, I really need to bring out my A game each and every week. 

It's challenging, but extremely fun, and I look forward to it every week. 

I gain tons of pleasure out doing the work I love, but there's a part of me that wants to do more. There's so much in photography, and there's so much that I don't know that I want to learn about. 

When I started off, I never saw myself doing something in fashion or food, for instance. But both those are now starting to seem very appealing to me, because of the nature of the work.

Fashion requires you to really get close with your subject. It's going to force me to bring something out in myself that's going to bring out what I want in my subject. 

With food photography, I know I'm going to need something different, technically speaking. I'm going to have to show my knowledge about my camera, and bring that out. 

I don't view anything now as being lucrative or not. Everything has become interesting to me, and I'm extremely excited to start expanding my horizons. 



Spotlight #3 - New York, New Yawk

This week's spotlight is on one of my favourite pictures. 

It was early June of last year, and I was roaming through the streets of New York with a mate of mine. 

It was 6 in the morning. We had just got off the bus from Boston and were killing time before we took the train out to Long Island to get refreshed. 

As per usual, we traversed the High Line. 

The High Line in Chelsea is just one of the billion places in New York that's amazing, and it's easily one of my favourite spots. 

It appeases the side of my personality that loves to walk, and it also shows me so much of the city, which satisfies the adventurous explorer. 

The picture is from my time there.

Shot with an Iphone, the picture makes up for the lack of technical edge with the personal memories I have attached with it. 



What's your favourite spot in New York? What's your favourite city to shoot in, or just explore?

Leave a comment or two below and we can have a chat!





The summer of 2013. Blistering heat in the desert. 

And yet there was a sense of calmness about the place. 

Rajasthan is the most arid region in all of India, but my trip was a lot of fun. I'd spend my days soaking in the sun and the evenings drinking cool beer. 

The pictures I captured were on a camera that is rudimentary to say the least. Yet, I quite like them. 

I decided to change it up and switch them all to Black and White for this gallery. There's also a reason for the heavy contrast.

Shots that were taken after the sun went down were under extremely low light. Rather than mess with the settings to a ridiculous level that would result in a lot of noise, I decided I'd just adjust them in post and make an art project around it. 

I honestly love how all the pictures turned out despite some blue here and there, and the less than perfect editing. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts too. Leave a comment down below on what you think of the gallery!