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Spotlight #8 (with my third guest)

This week's spotlight (I know I'm a week late), features a photo from Stapho Thienpont. 

Stapho and I connected via Instagram over our mutual love of photography, and after a little chat, he agreed to send me one of his pictures to help the series. 

You can find his stuff here -

His pictures have a really clean feel to them, which is what made me curious as to whether I could get him on the series. 

Check out the photo and what he has to say below - 

"It's my girlfriends mother visiting my girlfriends Apartment. What I like about it is that you can see that it's not her own room but a students and you can see on her face that she's reminiscing her own student time.

it's a quick snapshot without much planning but it gives a glimpse of a real moment, anyone can relate to their mom or similar visiting them and reminiscing about a time when they were in a similar situation in time

it's not about showing this moment, it's about reminding you about a similar moment you had in your life

it's taken on a 38 mm full frame equivalent lens, so it's a mild wide angle lens, that way it feels pretty similar to what your eyes would see, it also means I had to be pretty close to take it"


Again cheers to Stapho for agreeing to be come on here. Check out his other stuff here -



Spotlight #5 (with special guest!)

This week's photo spotlight is something special. It's the first one featuring a fellow photographer but first a friend, Mike Schwarz.

This kid is a genius and is on his way to doing some great things. You can see what he's up to here

I've been following him for a while, and came across one of his pictures that i foundfascinating. It hit me hard, and got me curious about the story behind it. I immediately knew there had to be one because of the character and life that the picture has got. 

Here it is.

So i did a bit of digging around, and asked Mike if he'd be interested in talking about it.

And here's what he has to say about it

"I was visiting Cuba with my brothers. We spent four days exploring the island, meeting new friends, and eating everything we could.

They had left on an early flight out. Mine was the following morning.

I had one last day to salvage in the gorgeous city of Havana. What did I plan to do? Take photos, write, and drink rum.

I explored the streets for hours, documenting the incredibly unique architectural aesthetic, street food, and people found on every corner. After being driven around in several '52 Chevy Bel Air taxis, I learned of the incredible respect Cuban drivers have for their cars.

This mentality speaks to the Cuban's perseverance and resilience both economically and politically.

Each car takes on a character of its own in my photos. The bright colors, antiquated design, and unique drivers made this subject matter impossible not to obsess over.

I took probably over 100 car photos while in Havana. This one happens to be my favorite."



Let me know what you guys think. Does this picture speak to you as much as it did to me. 

Be sure to follow Mike to see what crazy stuff he gets up to. 

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