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The summer of 2013. Blistering heat in the desert. 

And yet there was a sense of calmness about the place. 

Rajasthan is the most arid region in all of India, but my trip was a lot of fun. I'd spend my days soaking in the sun and the evenings drinking cool beer. 

The pictures I captured were on a camera that is rudimentary to say the least. Yet, I quite like them. 

I decided to change it up and switch them all to Black and White for this gallery. There's also a reason for the heavy contrast.

Shots that were taken after the sun went down were under extremely low light. Rather than mess with the settings to a ridiculous level that would result in a lot of noise, I decided I'd just adjust them in post and make an art project around it. 

I honestly love how all the pictures turned out despite some blue here and there, and the less than perfect editing. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts too. Leave a comment down below on what you think of the gallery!


We're Live!

After months and months of planning, I've finally launched my website. 

The planning phase was long and tedious filled with indecisiveness and a lack of commitment on my side, but as soon as I made the decision about a month ago to go for this with all my effort, I haven't had a moment to breathe. 

Obviously, things haven't gone quite according to plan, but it's still a great feeling to go live and show the world everything I've been up to. 

This is now my primary forum for my work.

Most of my stuff will be photography and videography, but on occasion you will see more and more words pop up here. 

Anyway, over the next couple of days I'm customizing my website after which I'll only be making minimal changes so stay tuned!