Wild City Record Store Day

It was 6 am. I was in the taxi on my way back from one of the wildest parties I've ever covered.  I knew I had a shoot the next day (today), but the adrenaline kept me going through the night. Bad decision after bad decision, before I eventually got home at 6:30 and crashed on the floor (I didn't have a bed). 

I woke up at noon feeling like absolute shit. I was in that state when you're not sure if you're still drunk or if you're hungover. I was neither considering I hadn't had a drink the night before. My brain was just telling me that I was absolutely destroyed and that I needed sleep. 

Instead, I jumped in the shower to wash off the smells from the night before. A quick brew of coffee, and I was on my way to Shahpur Jat - Sleepy Owl - the location of today's shoot. 

I was shooting Wild City's annual Record Store Day celebration. Record Store Day has been around for a while now, but it was my first experience with it. 

What I got was it's an easy celebration of vinyl culture - appreciating the old with the new - each dj and musician bringing something unique during their short sets. 

I knew it was going to be a very chill shoot; lots of familiar faces around, and I had to just capture people have a good time. Nothing new for me really. 

A close friend of mine happened to be in the area as well, so I brought him along with me. The afternoon turned out to be a very pleasant one; people coming in and out helping themselves to the free beer, coffee and cocktails courtesy of Bira and Sleepy Owl. In between, cigarettes were being lit and passed around outside. We were treated to some wonderful records, old and new music. 

I left the place feeling completely drained of all energy, but still refreshed from an afternoon of discovering new sounds. Check out the pictures below -