RedRoom Sessions

The months of April and May were absolutely packed for me. Event after event popped up, and I was loving every second of it. 

In a way, it showed me that my technique and craft was improving, which led to more people in the industry hearing about me. It also re-confirmed to me that I do genuinely love the work. Shooting gigs and music is the closest I can get to that dream I used to have of being a musician/performer/rockstar. 

Shooting with RedRoom Sessions, India, was another one of those gigs that reaffirmed my passion for photography. 

During these months, it seemed like every gig I was getting was overlapping, and my collaboration with RedRoom was no different. 

It was scheduled for Saturday night, but I had a shoot earlier in the morning for a corporate event. 

I had to be really economical with my use of energy and time, which meant that when I got home after the first shoot, I couldn't waste any of my free time. 

I transferred the pictures, got in touch with my contact at RedRoom and let the rest of the day play out. 

Eventually, things turned out quite smoothly, and I got to listen to some kick ass techno that helped massage away the soreness of the day. 

Check out the pictures below.