Spotlight #16 - The Cold Desert

The picture here is honestly one of my favourites ever taken. I took this picture during a transitional phase in my photography. 

I had always set myself the boundary of shooting 'real subjects' and not landscapes because I believed that the beauty of landscapes are very hard to capture, and never accurately capture the feeling of actually being there. 

During my trip to Ladakh, I found myself shooting landscapes, but as an experiment to prove to myself that my theory was correct. 

And then I got this shot


This was taken on our way to Lake Tsomiriri, a small little isolated lake in Eastern Ladakh that (for now) is away from the public eye. 

As we were driving we passed by this smaller little pond, and it seemed like the stars had aligned perfectly because we had reached at the time when the lighting was gorgeous, the music was pumping us up, and our sleep deprivation and the high altitude were driving us up the wall. 

This picture is always going to remind me of that experience - one that almost felt like an out of body one because of days of being on the road, and hours and hours in the jeep. 


This picture, apart from simply being aesthetically pleasing is always going to take me back to those memories.