The Uber project is an idea I had recently. 

In a nutshell, it's exactly what it sounds like. I talk with the Uber drivers I get into the cab with and try to find out their story. 

As I get off, I tell them that I'm writing a story about Uber drivers. Some chaps are happy to have their picture taken, some aren't so much. 

Some pose, some act candid. 

Some just don't seem to care. 

The idea came about only once I started driving around Delhi. Uber has exploded all over the city, and it wasn't until I wasn't in one of the cabs that I realized how I took the idea for granted. 

Most of the guys are happy with their jobs, but curiously enough there were a few who view their job with a lot of pride, not just professionalism. 

Safe to say, I've met quite a few interesting characters around.


Stay tuned with the blog for regular updates, and check out the project here.