Spotlight #13 - Emily Rose

This week's spotlight is a return to something musical. I met Emily via Instagram a few months ago. 

Her pictures are a mix of creative editing and documenting, which is what caught my eye in the first place. It was around the time I had started working with Boxout and was looking through many different music and event photographers' profiles for inspiration. 

Emily was kind enough to respond to my request of being on here. Here's her picture, which was one of the first ones that I found riveting. Read below to see what she has to say about it. 



"I've been doing event photography for about a year now. It started when I was in my third year at university when I found myself with a camera and without a job, so I thought I'd try my hand at taking some photos in the student-y venues and I've never looked back.


This photo was taken at an event organised by a student art collective (They're called YaM you can check them out here: and it fully encapsulates the vibe of the types of independently organised events I've been fortunate enough to photograph. 


Every detail is important here; the industrious nature of the equipment, the centrality of the headphones under the spotlight but also of the phone and the laptop - this is a young, creative scene. The lamp is also important, I actually own that same lamp and I think a lot of other students do as it's from a cheap and popular homeware store. I just love the idea that maybe this lamp was a last minute decision, that one of the organisers suddenly realised they might need extra lighting on the decks so grabbed their desk lamp which, on any other night, would illuminate their studies, but this time as the photo depicts it's been given an extra-special job."


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