Spotlight #12 - Pondicherry Sunsets feat. Rohan Rath

I first connected with Rohan via Instagram, after we both shared our appreciation for each other's pictures. 

What drove me towards really getting in touch with him and bringing him on Spotlight was the Indian connection. For some reason, the fact that he was in India, and was a photographer based out of a city so close to where I stay, made things more real. 

Suddenly I had visions of collaborations and improving our photography together. 

I follow Rohan's landscape Instagram account. Check it out here -

When I look at Rohan's pictures, I see exactly what I have to do when it comes to shooting landscapes. His lighting and framing are always on point, and it serves as a benchmark for my own photos. 

Here's what Rohan has to say about this picture: 

"This is one of my favorite photos. It was taken back in 2013 at Auroville, Pondicherry. I’d recently picked up a Canon 600D and was testing out the kit lens and learning photography. It was during this trip that I realized how much I love shooting Landscapes and even more sunsets. I once read somewhere, “Sunsets are proof that almost everyday can end beautifully”. I have shot numerous sunsets since, and this image is where it all began.  

To anyone who would like to get started with Landscape Photography, I would say just start right away. There’ll never be a good camera to start with or a good time to start clicking. Everyday is a good day, and every camera (phone/DSLR/P&S) is a good camera to start with. And lastly, landscape photography is also an awesome excuse to be outdoors and close to nature."


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