"Reflect" #2 - experimenting and finding my style

When I look back at my time from when I started this journey as a photographer, I can really see how putting in the work has affected me. 

I had always been someone who knew how to use a camera, but I had no idea how tweaking my technique a little bit could lead to such dramatically different photos. 

What's funny is, I was hell bent on finding a "style." And as soon as I found something I liked, I was adamant that this would be it. 

One of the things I really enjoyed playing with from the very start is shadows. I started work in a nightclub, forcing myself to take pictures without the use of an external flash. 

This began, when I started working with Boxout FM and I was keen on keeping my focus on the artists and not the crowd. 

After my first gig, I immediately realized just how much I could make use of the light given to me to produce pictures I'm proud of. 

Shadows became a feature. 

I would always try and dim the light on most of my pictures to give a dark feel with a glimpse of light. 

I feel that my fascination for this sort of darkness comes from my obsession with David Fincher. 

But I quickly realized that this technique can't be used for all kinds of photography, and more importantly it shouldn't be. 

Let me explain - I began to realize that when I was outside with a subject, whether a person or a landscape, there were certain adjustments I could make that didn't mess with the light and shadows too much that could still produce great results. 

I began experimenting a lot with saturation, and have recently found a style that I really enjoy, and brings out a different feel to the pictures. 


My goal changed to something different. I wanted to make the image pop much more than create a personal "style."

There's still miles ahead of me in my journey, and I am looking forward to seeing how my opinion and technical use of the camera changes over the next few years. 

In the meantime, I'm going to continue posting as much as I can. You can find most of my stuff here -