Spotlight #8 (with my third guest)

This week's spotlight (I know I'm a week late), features a photo from Stapho Thienpont. 

Stapho and I connected via Instagram over our mutual love of photography, and after a little chat, he agreed to send me one of his pictures to help the series. 

You can find his stuff here -

His pictures have a really clean feel to them, which is what made me curious as to whether I could get him on the series. 

Check out the photo and what he has to say below - 

"It's my girlfriends mother visiting my girlfriends Apartment. What I like about it is that you can see that it's not her own room but a students and you can see on her face that she's reminiscing her own student time.

it's a quick snapshot without much planning but it gives a glimpse of a real moment, anyone can relate to their mom or similar visiting them and reminiscing about a time when they were in a similar situation in time

it's not about showing this moment, it's about reminding you about a similar moment you had in your life

it's taken on a 38 mm full frame equivalent lens, so it's a mild wide angle lens, that way it feels pretty similar to what your eyes would see, it also means I had to be pretty close to take it"


Again cheers to Stapho for agreeing to be come on here. Check out his other stuff here -