Spotlight #10 - Mike Schwarz Returns!

In this week's spotlight, Mike Schwarz is back with  another brilliant photo. The picture below is one of his more recent ones, and I remember looking at it on Instagram and feeling small. 

Love them or hate them, drones are here to stay and this picture shows you why. Capturing landscapes is now a whole different ballgame, and Mike's photo below shows you exactly how to do it if you're a drone noob. 

I absolutely love the framing of this picture. Combine that with the green and shades of grey and you've got a really, really solid shot. 


"This is Webb Memorial Park near Boston.

It's about 20 minutes south of the Quincy, and has the best views of planes flying toward Logan Airport/the city skyline. I just got a drone for my birthday, and have been using it non-stop. I decided to go with the DGI Mavic Pro due to its small size (smaller than a water bottle) and high-quality performance.

If you're thinking of getting a drone, I can not recommend DGI more strongly. Get one!!

My family and I were walking around the tip of the peninsula in Webb Park, and I knew I had to snag the shot. A massive storm cloud was rolling in from the west however, so I knew I had to be fast. The drone was unpacked, assembled, and in the air in about 3 min. I raised it to about 490ft (its max altitude) and grabbed the shot just as the first rain drops were starting to fall.

Within a minute it was back on the ground, and in my bag. Nothing like cutting it close."


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