In Semi-limbo and figuring out my next plans

I've been thinking a lot about how to take this forward. 

By this I mean, my 'career' in this field of photography as well as how I want to move things forward on this website. 

Blogs I find are a really easy way for me to release energy and thoughts onto a forum where I could potentially receive life changing advice, but also as a way of relaxing. 

Often times, instead of overthinking a somewhat simple matter, I find that when i write things out, eventually the chips fall into place. 

So after (way too) much deliberation, I've decided to introduce two new series to my website. 

Spotlight has received tons of positive feedback, and has made me push myself in order to get people on there. 

The first of the two series will be one on my journey as a photographer - the struggles I face, how I push past them, how I deal with (or not deal with) obstacles that I haven't anticipated etc. It's a series on reflection, and until I think of a better name, I'm going to be titling it - "Reflect" (I'm open to any suggestions). 

The second series is a much more technical one.

It's going to be focusing on my experiences dealing with the technical side of photography. How I'm learning to master the techniques, finding and establishing my own style, experimenting with different capturing styles and post processing techniques in order to find something that fits. 

The article I wrote on noise sparked the train of thought, and the more I use the camera, the more I begin to find things I have to say about it. I'm not really sure of a title yet. 

It took me a while to narrow down and truly commit to what I could achieve out of this, but really there's so much to be said so stay tuned. 

I appreciate everyone who reads these articles and shares them!