Spotlight #1 - The white in the black

I'm introducing a segment where each week I choose one photo and talk about it. 

Simple enough. 

The pictures are ones that I truly find amazing - either mine, or anywhere off the internet. Credit will obviously given to photographers whose pictures I'm using. 

This week's picture is one that I found while going through my ridiculous stockpile of photos that I have spread out across my hard drives. 

So why is this picture so special?

Honestly, I can't tell you the one thing that really made me go "wow."

This picture was one of several I took when I was in Sri Lanka a few years back, and is just a generic landscape shot. 

I took in colour, and switched it to what you see now in the post-processing phase. 

It was as I was editing it, however, when I really felt it.

The vastness of the sky, and the streak of white that cuts vertically across it. 

Something in me just went "holy fuck, this is it!" and I knew that I had to leave it in black and white, with the contrast, brightness and everything else tuned to exactly what it is. 

When I look at it, I see a dystopian land that has ravaged everything, but yet there's some serenity and peace to it. Life is simple, plain and continues to move on. 

That could be pretentious as fuck for all I know, but it's a feeling I can't change. 

I would love to hear what you think, though!

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Cheers, and see you next week!