Spotlight #17 - Shadows

I go through phases between colour based editing and then straight up high contrast black and white. 

I don't have a real preference because I believe each has massive merit, and I really respect photographers who choose one and stick by it. 

I find it too hard to choose between the two, because often times I just go with what suits the picture best and it's hard to get myself to say that I'm a 'black and white photographer,' thus make everything black and white. 

Having said that though, there are sometimes when a picture just works so fucking well when it's made black and white. 

Here's one of them


The original is filled with a mix of orange, red, green and yellow light, and is decent enough. But I knew almost immediately that I had to make this one black and white because there's just so much potential with it. 

I generally love bumping the contrast and the blacks up a lot, and it's easy to get carried away doing that. Sometimes the beauty of black and white pictures, is in the grey. 

This isn't one of those pictures. 

The highlights and the blacks adds so much to the feel of this image. I also love how one of the guy's caps covers a part of his face. This just amplifies the shadows in the image and really just edited itself. 


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