Boxout Wednesdays 053

53 continued at the same pace as all the weeks before. As more people caught wind of Boxout Wednesdays, the vibe kept going up. 

Check out the highlights below - 

Spruce Shave Club

Spruce Shave Club, or Spruce as I like to call it is a startup I've been collaborating with for about 2 years now. 

What started off as a freelance gig has evolved into something so much more...a part-time gig. 

"Part-time" is only a word though, because when you're working with a startup, things are never just part-time. 

With Spruce, the work I do ranges from blog posts to video content, and while on paper that may not seem like much, in reality it's a mountain task. 

The beautiful thing about startups is that it's all on you. Whether or not the thing grows is based on how much you've put in. For me, that's meant a great learning curve. In the two years I've worked there, I fancy myself as an expert on basically everything that's been handed to me. 

Obviously it doesn't mean there's more to learn, it just means I've got a lot out of it already. 

Go check out Spruce Shave club here, if you're interested. 

My work for them can be found here. For your convenience, I've also uploaded a few highlights right here. Check them out below.



Boxout Wednesdays 052

I remember thinking just before getting into the venue for this week's gig, that after 50 weeks, there was bound to be a time when the energy drops and the crowd thins. 

That wasn't the case this time round. 

I was in the middle of experimenting a lot with light and shutter speed, so loads of my pictures are bright and vivid. 

Sitting back to edit these, I was very pleased with some of the shots I got. Check them out here: 

Krunk Live BassCamp

I remember one thursday evening, I get a call from the guy who I'm usually in touch with over any gigs. 

He's the go to guy for any and all good underground music events in the city, and in many ways is the guy who's my closest contact through all the gigs I've done over the past year plus. 

Thursdays for me usually are brutal. I'm home late the night before after covering a Boxout Wednesday gig; usually back around 1:30-2:00 am. By the time I'm ready for bed it's 2:30. 

The next morning (Thursday), I'm up round 9, and out the door latest by 10. It's a struggle. I have a cup of coffee in hand, jump into the car and drive off for work. 

My day job is very different to my night one. In many ways, it's very ordinary, but when you're handling two or three different jobs like I often do, it's extremely taxing. 

Thursdays for me feel like fridays for everyone else. It's just a day I have to get through. Usually fridays are reserved for editing and the gym, both of which I can do on my own time. 

Regardless, it's a thursday night, and I get a call from this guy saying that there's an event that's looking for a photographer. I considered how tired I was. 

My face felt broken, I was wheezing from all the pollutants that I inhaled the night before, and my brain was barely functioning. 

But without a thought I said yes. 

Begrudgingly, I got into a taxi and went over to the venue, unable to imagine what the gig would be like and constantly worrying about how long it would be on for. 

As soon as I stepped in though, it felt like I had been reborn. I remember being at ease at the bar; I just had to play a waiting game. As soon as the drunk folk hit the dancefloor, I would swoop in unnoticed, do my thing, and then dip.

I'm like Batman of the club. 

The night turned out to be a lot of fun - music a lot heavier than my brain could handle - and I was able to swoop in and get some good shots. 

Working with Krunk was fun, and would definitely do it again...maybe, when I'm slightly better functioning, though. 

Check out the shots here - 

Boxout Wednesdays 051

It's always the same when Boxout Soundsystem hit the booth. This collective of some of India's best DJs know how to throw a party, and so far everytime they've been at the head of one, the night's been great. 

I really enjoy shooting them because there's a guarantee I'm going to get some great shots. 

Check the highlights out here -